DirectFunded Means Freedom From Paperwork

We will handle the paperwork while you focus on finding the best supports for you or your loved one.

What We Do

DirectFunded provides financial management and accounting support to individuals and families in receipt of self-directed government funding.

For some people with disabilities, direct funding is a highly desirable alternative to government-funded home care, a system in which the number of hours and type of service a person receives is determined by case managers and the provision and scheduling of services is handled by private or not-for-profit PSW and nursing agencies. Direct funding allows individuals to select and purchase their own services, and empowers them to personalize their service plans and use their funding efficiently to maximize their outcomes.

How we can help

Individuals with developmental or physical disabilities who choose to direct their own services by hiring, scheduling, and paying their own staff can rely on DirectFunded to ease the administrative burden. DirectFunded will manage your bookkeeping and reporting for you. 

The best part is that, for many self-directed funding program, fees for bookkeeping are either eligible expenses, or provided in addition to one’s base funding. So, our support will cost you nothing!

Direct-Funded Ontario Government Programs

Do you receive funding through any of the following government programs?
If so, we can help you!

Home Care

Take control over your services by finding, hiring, and paying your own service providers

Attendant Care

Individuals self-manage their lives, making their own choices with greater flexibility and control.

The Ontario
Autism Program

Access a broader range of eligible services that you believe are most helpful for your child

Full service offering

Being a recipient of funding from the government carries with it certain administrative responsibilities. For example, bookkeeping, tracking invoices and reporting on expenses are all required, but cumbersome tasks. This is where DirectFunded comes in.